Don't Be a Scaredy Cat- Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring

Listing your home is enough to make anyone want to run and hide but this spring is a good time to face your fears and I will help you do it. Snohomish county is facing one of the hottest sellers market in recorded history with less than a month’s supply of inventory on the market. This may be one of the easiest and most profitable times to sell your home.

Here are five big fears many sellers face, and ways to cope with them.

My home won’t sell 

The home sitting on the market is the number one fear of most sellers. Particularly if they need the money to buy another house or move on, the fear of the home not selling can be overwhelming.

It might be helpful to know that for the right price, and in the right condition, any home will sell! It all depends on local market conditions. In our area at this time, it has never been easier. Buyers are desperately looking for options and can’t afford to be picky.

I’ll have to do work to my home to sell it

Many sellers are embarrassed by their home and know that it needs work in order to put it on the market.

Sellers need to understand that the ultimate sale price of their home directly correlates with its condition. Typically the more time and money you spend prepping your home for sale, the more money you’ll get. In this hot seller’s market, sellers can get by with some cheap and easy fixes. In my marketing plan, I have over 40 tips to easily add value to your home. With a little time and money spent on cleaning, replacing, storing and staging, you can get your home in tip-top shape. Lean on me; I double as a project manager, helping you prepare your home for sell.

My home won’t sell by my target date

If a life event such as a job transfer, death in the family or divorce has you under the gun to sell in a certain time frame, this may be your leading fear.

It used to be that If you need to move your home, you would need to price it at or below the most recent comparable sales. It is still true that buyers today look for value and will flock to a well-priced home, but with today’s housing shortage, I am seeing properties move quickly with multiple offers, often selling for more than the asking price.

My agent wants to price my home too low

Your real estate agent’s pricing strategy should be transparent, and together you should come up with a plan. A price reduction should never come as a surprise, and an offer within just two days of going on the market should not be a shock.

If you don’t agree with her price, but you hear the same number from multiple agents, that could be a sign that you aren’t being realistic.

I feel exposed with people walking through my home

Face it: To sell your home, you have to open it up to the masses.

Take down all of your personal belongings like photos, diplomas and the like. Remove all small and expensive items and put them in a safe.

While it’s important to have your home decorated for showings, it’s sometimes easier on sellers to depersonalize the home as much as possible, prior to listing. Some people prefer to move and sell the home empty or staged because they simply can’t deal with the headache. We will put a safety plan in place if you have those concerns.

The whole idea of selling a home is stressful and most people fear it — and for good reason. Moving is very disruptive, and selling a home brings up lots of concerns.

Just know that you are not alone, and your fears are well founded. So, put them out there and approach them one by one. Planning and working with the right agent can help make your home sale much less scary.  Give me a call if you want to know what your home is worth.  

(h/t to Brendon DeSimone)